Sunday, May 24, 2009

Visions of lots of sewer?

With subscriptions declining, the OWH has turned on the "Exclusive" button, making it sound like other people would be interested in these stories. Some, yes, are interesting. Some are not. So they give you a teaser and say, "check out the rest in the real paper." Someday they'll get that it's not the Internet that's tanking subscriptions, it's the quality of writing. Having said all that, I do still subscribe.
One story that did catch my eye was the new vision for Downtown Omaha. I'll give you more details if you want, but what they are putting down there isn't the important part. The important part is...not mentioned. We have a lot of great things in Omaha, and the new vision has some great ideas: more kid-friendly parks, redeveloping the area between Qwest and the Missouri River, etc. How do you plan on paying for it? I understand private donors, but why can't we tap those private donors to pay for this huge sewer issue that Omaha supposedly has? No one is going to like anything you develop if it's covered in human feces! Instead, I, a person who does not live in the Omaha city limits, gets charged extra by M.U.D. to pay for Omaha's sewer issues. I realize donors won't shell out cash for something that they can't hang a sign with their name on it so millions can see, but we have to get priorities straight. Yes, the ideas laid out are outstanding, but if you don't take care of vital infrastructure, your wasting your money.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Safe Haven Law

Gov. Heineman said today that he is calling a special session of the legislature to address the massive issues caused by no age limit with the Safe Have Law. The law, which in most states sets a limit of less than a year for a child to be dropped off, has been made a mockery of by parents of troubled teens. As of today, 24 teens, including 3 from out of state, have been dropped off at local hospitals and police stations.
I completely agree that the law needs to be changed, but I don't think 3 days, as Speaker Mike Flood of Norfolk suggests, is long enough. I think 3 days makes the decision to keep or give up rights to your child a pretty rash decision. I really think it should be extended to one year old. That allows parents time to seek parenting help without having to give up rights.

Monday, March 17, 2008

The Train Keeps a Rollin'

Not surprising, after a petition begins to recall Mayor Fahey, there is now a petition to support a downtown ballpark. I'm not sure what the Douglas County government does, but are they so slow that they need petitions to keep them occupied? I guess I can't say that I'm surprised that the recalls keep coming in. I imagine these won't be the only two.
I have to say there are two scenarios that would make me happy (because that SO matters to the city of Omaha): 
1) A new stadium -- the new stadium would be beautiful, look out over the downtown skyline and would be state of the art. It would be welcome to Omaha by those in the city that want to be seen. 
2) Replace the original section of Rosenblatt -- the original metal part of Rosenblatt is an eye sore and is the worst part of the old girl. I realize that there are many other things that need to be replaced, but, as a fan, that's the minimum of what I want gone. It's embarrassing. 
My biggest issue with the new stadium is that I doubt it helps the O Royals, which I don't think Fahey and Diesing care about. It's not their agenda. Fahey doesn't have bad ideas, he just shoves the down people's throats, and that's what the city and I can't stand. The Old Feeder made a great comment on a previous post. It's the way they've done business and will until they are recalled or just get out.
By the way, Fahey fake-bakes like no one's business. He looks like a 20 year old chic getting ready for spring break. Come on Mayor. It's winter in Nebraska. We're not done...and does the city pay for that???

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

New Stadium Plans Unveiled

Mayor Fahey unveiled more concrete plans today, including a nice, new website from the CWS Oversight Committee. Here are a couple links to keep you up to date:

I guess that my feeling is, it's going to happen, so we might as well enjoy the newness. I realize there are the tax issues, but one way or another, the stadium will be built. In five years we'll wonder how we ever did without it. I think the preliminary layout looks great. I am hoping to attend one of the public forum sessions to see what else they will come up with.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

The State of Husker Hoops

I appreciate the work that Doc Sadler does with the NU Hoops squad. He has brought a passion to the game and to (some) fans that I think will transfer to a winning formula. 
I can't stand Michael Beasley, K State stud frosh. He just wreaks of punk. If you watch him during a game, you can just see his "better-than-you" attitude coming out, including when you see him arguing with teammates during games. He looks like one of those guys who, if you are winning, you're fine with, but once things go south...
Knowing those two things, I was ecstatic that NU beat K State last night at the Devaney Center, especially in front of an ESPN2 crowd. Beasley is a stud and deserves to be in the discussion for POY, although there is no way he should win it. But, according to the Lee Barfnecht of the OWH, he told the ESPN cameras that "I might go for 50." As Lee points out, he barely got a third of the way there. Congrats to Doc Sadler and the boys for rallying and defeating this idiot and his 'tude who will not make it in the NBA. Talent, sure he could hang. But there isn't a team that will succeed with him in the mix. 
Doc Sadler will make this Husker program legitimate...if he sticks around. I would think he has Osborne's support (because Osborne is too busy watching the football team to meddle around). You can tell by watching him that he gives a crap and that may be the biggest asset to turning around the program.

More Rosenblatt

Here is the latest OWH article with some Q & A in regards to the Rosenblatt debacle...I mean, new ballpark downtown.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Congress has issues

I have some down time today, which is a good thing, but I've got an ear to the congressional hearings with Roger Clemens and Brian McNamee. Is this what our world is coming to? These elected officials are the biggest bunch of wanna-be somebodys. I would guess that Clemens took steroids, like I believe a lot of ballplayers did. But this committee is a complete waste of time. They want to make sure that the Mitchell Report wasn't a bunch of lies. Now they are bringing up some stupid party at Jose Canseco's house. Who give a rat's butt? This is such a waste of time. They are putting on a show for the camera's. I would be embarrassed if one of our reps was on that committee. This is a horrible show of creating work to justify themselves. Waste of money.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Peters Update

Earlier this week we mentioned the story involving Makayla Peters, who said she wasn't a prostitute, just a call girl. A new story in the OWH said that she doesn't have sex with the customers. When asked about the claim that "some of the men she had sexual relations with...including prominent people, some just average Joes," she said that was one guy she met through the biz but ended up dating. Huh? Which was he then, prominent or average?
In our first post, we said she would do one of three things...we forgot the "its not what it seems" card. I really thought she would be smart enough to know we don't believe it, especially after this gem of a quote: "She said that requests to wear Catholic school outfits to perform a strip tease were among the most popular requests." Now, I'm no porn star, but I don't think that is an outfit you were to have tea and crumpets.